Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Motorized Ball Valves

The initial build incorporated Viton diaphragm solenoid valves for the fluid control. Although quite cheap, they come with some added extras... I had a tiny piece of silver insulation tape catch in the valve seat which caused a slow leak from the HLT (Hot Liquor Tank). Yep, the water is filtered with a ceramic filter before the tank, but the foreign object must have been from when we installed the new stainless tanks and insulated them. This leak caused a potentially awesome beer to turn out to be mid-strength and just average. Some would say that it still had more flavour than any dark beer you can buy off the shelf here is Australia!

So I sourced some cheap motorized ball valves and installed one the other night. Its just mounted temporarily at the moment  (hence the cable tie). It comes with a motor connection in which the user changes the polarity dependent on  direction. Opened/Closed feedback is via contacts that sink to ground.
I hacked the old code from the original three-way valve and we were away. Its not that exciting so I didn't take a video.
The new 3-way Motorized Ball-valve


  1. Wow! This is amazing! I'm just working on trying to automate more of the Brauduino controller and my brewery system. I would love to brainstorm / chat get some ideas from you on my proposed set up and how you built your hop dropper (that thing looks amazing!!).



    1. Cheers Lael! Send me an email to brad_goold at .